February 2024


How Katong V Mall in Katong V Offers a Unique Shopping Experience in the Vibrant Arina East Neighborhood

Step into this unique mall and discover the true essence of Arina East living.

Nestled in the lively Katong area is Katong V, an enchanting boutique mall known for its one-of-a-kind shopping experience for residents. This hidden treasure is renowned for its diverse selection of stores and services, featuring everything from upscale wellness centers and beauty salons to specialty markets. For those in search of a culinary adventure, Katong V offers a variety of dining options, including popular restaurants like Pâtisserie Glacé and Stärker Bistro, where residents can savor delicious meals while unwinding. With its charming ambiance and diverse offerings, Katong V is the ideal choice for residents looking for a personalized and intimate shopping experience. And with the vibrant Arina East neighborhood just a stone’s throw away, it’s no surprise that Katong V is a popular destination among locals and tourists alike. Immerse yourself in this unique mall and …


Experience Exceptional International Education at Arina East Residences, Former La Ville Enbloc, amidst Top Schools Such as Canadian International School and EtonHouse International School

Arina East Residences provides the ideal location for families looking for an international education for their children. Conveniently situated near top-rated international schools, this residential complex is the perfect choice for both expats and locals. One of these esteemed institutions is the renowned Canadian International School (Tanjong Katong Campus), known for its diverse curriculum that appeals to students from all around the world, creating a truly global learning environment. Another exceptional option nearby is EtonHouse International School (Broadrick), which offers a holistic education that encourages independent thinking and prepares students to become active citizens of the world. With the ease of having these outstanding schools within close proximity, residents of the Former La Ville Enbloc can confidently choose Arina East Residences as their top choice for an exceptional international education for their children.

Families seeking an international education for their children will find the perfect location at Arina East Residences. …